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DEXTERA team knows the most popular choice of new settlers for window covering – roller shades. These are easy to fit to the existing interior and they are easy to control and maintain. At the moment, the DEXTERA collection consists of almost 400 materials. They are distinguished by different composition, density and colour or pattern. When the choice is so big, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, therefore the consultant of the company, Marina, has prepared a mini guide, explaining what, in her opinion, you should consider when selecting materials for roller shades.

Functionality of roller shade materials

Let’s begin with physical features of the materials. First of all, you have to decide how much natural light and warmth you will want to let into your home. The assortment of roller shade materials contains transparent, half-transparent, fully light-blocking and sun-reflecting roller shades. When selecting the roller shades, it is important to pay attention to the specification of the material which is indicated on every material in the catalogue. It shows the percentage of such indicators as sun penetrability, reflection or absorbency. By using these specifications as a reference, you will understand how much sunlight will get inside the premises.

If you want the most effective materials for sun control, we recommend selecting the materials covered with PERLEX or aluminium layer. These materials are distinguished by their light-reflecting features and are used for the purpose of significantly reducing the access of sun into the premises and cooling the interior. For the purpose of completely blocking the sunlight, BLACK OUT roller shade materials are recommended. Covered with special multi-layer polyester cover, this material fully darkens the room making them a perfect choice for a bedroom, children’s room or photo studio.

Roller shades with SCREEN materials are the most popular choice for offices and modern houses. Made of glass fibre thread and PVC, these are the most easily maintained and one of the most stable roller shade materials. They are transparent yet they block harmful UV rays, protect furniture from fading and help reduce the consumptions of room cooling. SCREEN materials of different transparency (1%, 3%, 5% and 10%) effectively reduce reflections, thus, they are perfectly suited for media rooms and offices.

You can control the level of transparency with roller shades “Day-Night”. These are sewn from two types of materials – transparent and thick. The transparent material imitates day and the thick one provides night curtains. Of course, depending on the state of the window in regard to the sun, the purpose of the room and interior, roller shades at home can be perform differently and provide different functions. For example, you can choose a light-blocking material in the bedroom, transparent material in the study, and light permeable material in the sitting-room.

Roller shade design – from exceptional shade to authentic piece of art

Once you select the right composition and density for your roller shades, you can dive into the oceans of colours, shades, patterns and textures. DEXTERA imports the roller shade materials from the most reliable manufacturers in Germany, Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. They reveal the individuality, traditions, prevailing fashion tendencies and creativity of every designer. While some authors enjoy daring experimentation with fanciful patterns or bright colours, others prefer a prevailing minimalistic style. The designers of roller shades draw inspiration from nature, works of art, fashion and architecture. By invoking the wide pallet of roller shade materials, you can create the desired mood, style and atmosphere in the interior. Depending on how you select the materials, you can create an aura of calmness and harmony or a bright and extravagant style, reflecting the character and attitude of the owners. 

And if your imagination flies further, you can incorporate your precious memories by transferring personal photos on a photo roller shade. Any high quality photograph will be suitable for this photo material.

Technologies in roller shade materials

Roller shades, along with other progressive products of this century, are inseparable from technologies. When producing the roller shades materials, various materials can be used, e.g., 100% recycled PET packing, glass, carbon fibre and metals. Some factories dedicate entire departments for the creation of roller shade materials in order to produce really qualitative and functional roller shades, which will contribute to the energetic efficiency of the building. The manufacturers return to nature and human, create stable, lasting products which would be environmentally friendly and not harmful for people. Technologies are used for creating 100% recycled roller shade materials that are not only light-tight but also flameproof . These materials are certified to comply with even the strictest international standards.

So how to manage that great catalogue?

We can clearly understand that the huge selection of materials can present as a daunting challenge for even a professional interior designer! Therefore, DEXTERA offers consultations in its offices, on the internet, via the telephone or even more simply – at your home. Your consultant will help you select the roller shades, will perform exact measurements for free and will recommend the best method of product installation and the control to best satisfy your needs.