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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds – a classic choice to cover sliding glass doors, large windows or showcases, as well as to separate the premises, to cover triangular windows. It is an effective way of controlling the natural light entering the premises. The range of fabrics for vertical blinds is extremely rich in a variety of patterns and colours.

In offices and homes, where computers are often used, it is proposed to integrate vertical blinds with fabrics covered with aluminium, mother-of-pearl or special polyester reflective film. This will further strengthen your protection from direct sunlight. In addition, vertical blinds effectively stop and absorb heat. Vertical blinds – a functional solution at an attractive price.

The range is also rich in SCREEN fabrics with different degrees of image transmission. SCREEN fabrics allow you to keep the room bright and prevent rays from entering. This eliminates annoying reflections on computer screens.

Vertical blinds can be operated manually or automatically. Vertical blinds are divided into three different types: standard vertical blinds, corded vertical blinds and solar sails.

Solar sails

Solar sails are not like any other blinds. The strips of Solar sails on one side are decorated with a playful wave pattern, therefore the overall composition of the many colourful stripes creates a special effect reminiscent of a rippling sea. And to make the wave effect even more colourful, several different shades can be applied to these special blinds.

  • min. width – 140 mm;
  • max. width – 3500 mm .;
  • max. height – 3000 mm.

Standard vertical blinds

These vertical blinds are perfect for covering large and non-standard shaped windows (such as trapezoidal, triangular or oval windows). Blinds are installed on a non-opening window frame, in a niche, on a niche (on the wall) or on the ceiling.

The width of standard vertical blinds can be – 89 mm, 127 mm or 250 mm.

  • 89 mm width blinds: min. width – 100 mm, max. width – 3500 mm, max. height – 3000 mm;
  • 127 mm width blinds: min. width – 140 mm, max. width – 3500 mm, max. height – 3000 mm;
  • 250 mm width blinds: min. width – 270 mm, max. width – 4500 mm, max. height – 3000 mm.

Corded vertical blinds

The strips of these blinds are made of ultra-thin strips. Combining different colour strips creates an unexpected and playful visual effect in the room.

  • min. width – 140 mm;
  • max. width – 3500 mm;
  • max. height – 3000 mm.