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Terrace awning HELIOS is a reliable sunlight control system for those who search for durability. This extremely robust cartridge awning can be installed in both environmentally protected and unprotected areas. The cartridge protects the fabric from rain, snow and dirt.

The HELIOS awning has many advantages, one of which – additional protection from the sun on the low horizon – an elegant fabric wave at the front of the awning. With the installation of a wind sensor, the awning will intelligently respond to the increasing wind speed and fold up on its own.

The painted construction of the awning is resistant to both scratches and corrosion. You can choose the colour of the construction from white, silver, brown or anthracite.

  • Made in Lithuania according to individual orders.
  • Maximum width – 6 m, maximum depth – 4 m.
  • With a cartridge.
  • With a wave that additionally protects from the sun and gives elegance.
  • The construction is durable, made of strong aluminium.
  • Aluminium bends are hinged in a chain, making this construction extremely durable. Vibration-absorbing rubbers are used at the joints.
  • Technical details (stainless steel screws, profile ends) are additionally protected with plastic caps, therefore dust does not accumulate, insects and arachnids are prevented from settling.
  • With universal brackets, the awning can be attached to the wall or ceiling.
  • Possibility to adjust the angle of inclination.
  • Available with LED lighting.
  • You can choose automatic or manual control.
  • Wide selection of additional accessories (engine with emergency opening, remote control, wind sensor).

When buying DEXTERA awnings made in Lithuania, you can choose from a standard range of fabrics or choose exclusive sustainable fabrics. This line of fabrics is for those who love nature and want to contribute to a cleaner world with every choice. For the respect for nature and the environment in which we live. This type of fabric is the first in the world – air purifying. The fabrics of this coating, created by “Sauleda” and “Pureti”, clean and purify the air by photo catalysis. They remove pollutants such as NO2, SO2 and VOCs. “Green®” fabrics have a self-cleaning and mould-reducing effect.

These fabrics save time, money, water, chemicals and energy. That is Sauleda’s commitment to contributing to the environment and human health. “Pureti” has won the European Union’s “iSCAPE” project to clean up European cities with photocatalysis technology. “Horizon 2020” has recognized the project as one of ten projects that will build the next sixty years in the EU.