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Venetian blinds

A classic window decor element that stands out with its functionality and minimalist design. Blinds made of natural wood are eco-friendly, important for those who want to protect their homes from allergies caused by artificial materials. We also offer high-quality and long-lasting wood imitation blinds FAUX PLASTIC WOOD, which are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.

The lamellas of wooden blinds can be of two sizes: strips 25 mm and 50 mm wide. A wide colour palette of wooden blinds will allow you to choose the desired colours of ladders or strips, it is possible to easily combine window accents with the interior of the house. Another advantage of wooden blinds is the distribution of light. Even without raising the blinds, you can adjust the angle of the strips and direct the light to the centre of the room, floor or ceiling. Tilting the blinds with a light motion ensures that no one can see from the outside what is going on inside.

Wooden blinds are controlled manually: with a rope and a rod or cords. Electronic control functionality is integrated as needed. During the production of blinds, the wood is covered with three layers (primer, paint, varnish), which ensure the protection of the wood from ultraviolet rays.

DEXTERA offers its customers functional, highly aesthetic wooden blinds of two sizes at an attractive price:

Available dimensions of 25 mm blinds:

  • min. width – 300 mm;
  • max. width – 2400 mm;
  • max. height – 2600.

Available dimensions of 50 mm wooden blinds:

  • min. width – 300 mm;
  • max. width – 2700 mm;
  • max. height – 2600.