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Steel roller grilles

Steel roller grilles

The bars are made of galvanized steel. The highest quality galvanized steel used in the production is durable and resistant to environmental factors. Galvanized steel bars are resistant to corrosion, precipitation and UV rays.

Rolling bars meet safety and operational requirements according to EU standard EN 13241-1:2003. The maximum width of steel rolling bars can reach 16 meters and the maximum height – 10 meters. The standard color of the grilles is galvanized steel, but GALA, MICROFORATA and VALENTINA profiles can be painted according to the RAL palette.

The steel bar can be operated electrically (key switch, remote control) or manually with a handle installed on the lower profile.

The design of the product consists of armour, lower profile, a box with side covers, guides and mechanism.

Types of steel bars:

  • GALA