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Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are an effective window covering installed on a terrace, balcony or other space to protect from the sun, wind and rain or to separate spaces. This solution is especially suitable for protection from the low, evening sun, which interferes with a pleasant rest on the terrace. In addition, vertical awnings help to ensure privacy, which is why they are very popular with the residents of semi-detached houses.

The dual benefits – protection from wind and sun and privacy – are the main features that make vertical awnings more and more popular in Lithuania.

The main functions of the awning:

  • Sun protection for terraces and balconies;
  • Cosy effect;
  • Possibility to create a shadow of the regulated area.

The construction of the awning does not require supports, therefore the folded awning occupies little space and is more functional when compared to stationary roofs.