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Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are a fabric folded on the principle of harmonica, covering the windows. The pleated fabric creates a dreamy and romantic atmosphere by transmitting light in the interior. This window covering is extremely easy to control, with the help of a handle from top to bottom or from bottom to top. This is a great solution for hinged windows and doors, as these blinds are installed very close to the window glass. Even when the window is fully opened, the finish of the window opening corner will not be broken.

Pleated blinds are a rapidly growing solution for solar control. Modern and versatile pleated blinds will help ensure optimal light flow in the room and provide privacy. The use of semi-reflective fabrics can reduce air conditioning costs.

We invite you to choose from a wide range of high-quality pleated blinds fabrics.

We offer a range from simple to coated with Teflon, fire-resistant, coated with reflective Perlex or aluminium coating. Most fabrics are made in Germany, without PVC and are OEKO-TEX certified.

DEXTERA offers its customers a wide selection of pleated blinds fabrics. From bright and eye-catching to soft, pastel, neutral colours. Create an exclusive style for your home with pleated blinds. One of the newest pleated blinds -HONEYCOMB.

HONEYCOMB pleated blinds has one big advantage – energy saving. As technology and manufacturing solutions improve, we have more and more choices that can help reduce heating costs and contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. COSIFLOR HONEYCOMB pleated blinds have an insulating function. The blinds are made of honeycomb structure, therefore the air gaps between the fabrics act as a barrier through which the temperature from the outside is more difficult to penetrate into the premises. In summer, these blinds darken the room, protecting it from direct sunlight, and the honeycomb structure traps some of the hot air entering through the windows, making the room feel cooler. In winter, the honeycomb traps some of the cold air entering through the window, thus helping to reduce heating costs. Innovative, economical and ecological!


With standard glass windows (double glazing according to DIN 4108 / EN 13363-1 U = 1.6), approx. 72% of the sun’s radiation enters the room. When Cosiflor® Honeycomb Blinds are put to optimum use, you can keep rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This leads to eficient energy savings. You can use the Fc-value to decide which version will lead to the best energy savings. This value denes the factor by which the sun’s energy is reduced when passing the blind (e.g. Fc-value 0.40 means that only 40% of the sun’s energy can enter the room).

For heat protection in the summer, the following applies: The smaller the Fc-value, the less solar heat penetrates the room – keeping it cooler.

For heat protection in the winter, the following applies: The smaller the Fc-value, the less heat is lost to the outside – keeping the room warmer.

Another advantage of pleated blinds is that they are easy to adapt to non-standard windows:

  • round;
  • triangle;
  • arched or trapezoidal windows;
  • as well as extra-large windows;
  • skylights;
  • winter terraces;
  • glass roofs;
  • for inclined windows inwards or outwards.

IMPORTANT! When buying pleated blinds, keep in mind that they are controlled by strings. The cords are vertically pierced by the fabric of the blinds. For this reason, pleated blinds have small holes through which light can enter the room.