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Industrial garage gates

Industrial garage gates

Industrial sectional gates are an ideal solution for industrial and commercial type buildings. The construction of industrial gates is adapted to long and intensive operation, therefore only the highest quality materials are used in their production.

Dextera industrial gates are made of double-walled 40 or 45 mm thick steel sheet sections filled with polyurethane foam. Sheet metal thickness – 0.40 mm, galvanized, primed, painted with polyurethane. Polyurethane foam is coated with a special adhesive varnish, which ensures that the segment tin does not separate from the polyurethane layer even after a long service life. The segments are closed – the top and bottom of the metal plate are tightly reinforced at the top and bottom. The gate comes in standard set with integrated finger pinch protection, spring breakage or cable breakage. Welding works are not used in the production process of gate rails, therefore the protective layer of zinc is not damaged.

A wide range of installation options allows you to install the gate in a variety of conditions: with a low or high lintel, on a sloping roof. The gate structure is specially reinforced to ensure reliability and functionality even in very large dimensions.

Industrial automatic gates are manufactured and adapted for frequent use. Depending on the configuration, their design guarantees up to 100,000 smooth opening/closing cycles.
The DEXTERA industrial gates can be operated with an electric drive: the customer can choose the desired control method: wall button, key switch, remote control or telephone. A chain drive is also available, which makes it easy to lift even large dimension gates.

DEXTERA business customers especially appreciate the additional functions of industrial garage doors, which are included in the standard gate set:

  • System for protection against accidental finger pinching;
  • Spring breakage protection system;
  • Cable break protection system.

Legal entities have a 12-month warranty period. Natural persons are provided with a warranty period of 24 months unless the manufacturer provides a longer warranty period. Natural persons are provided with a 3-year warranty for BENINCA automation.