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Classic roller blinds

Classic roller blinds are a modern, easy-to-install and versatile way to cover windows. This type of roller blinds effectively ensures the control of sun and natural light in the home or office and protects from prying eyes of passers-by. We offer customers more than three hundred different patterns, colours and textures of classic roller blind fabrics, several different control methods, different systems (cassette, open, semi-cassette). We believe that only by being able to choose you will create a harmonious environment and meet your expectations.

The classic roller blind consists of an aluminium tube, an aluminium cassette (STANDARD PLUS), metal or plastic holders, a lower profile, a control mechanism, and a fabric. All these components can be selected, adjusted by the customer.

When choosing roller blinds, it is very important to anticipate where they will be installed.

Classic roller blinds can be installed: on the wall, on the ceiling, on the window frame or in a niche. Classic roller blinds are wound on four different sizes of the tube (a tube is a part of the roller blind on which the fabric winds up): 19 mm, 30 mm, 42 mm, 65 mm. In addition, in order to meet the expectations of each customer, DEXTERA offers several different colours of mechanisms, such as black, white, grey, metal, anthracite.

No less important is the method of control. Classic roller blinds can be controlled in three ways – by a chain, electric motor and spring. Motor control is especially convenient when buying larger window coverings, in this way you can control the entry of light into the room at the touch of a button without any worries. Roller blinds motor can be equipped with an integrated battery, therefore such blinds can be installed even where there is no power source. The plastic or metal chain is a manual, simplest and most frequently used method of control, and the spring is an extremely practical, modern way of controlling the roller blinds, where the roller blinds fold and lock in contact with the lower profile.

Probably the most important decision when choosing roller blinds is the colour, pattern and technical properties of the fabric. DEXTERA has more than three hundred classic roller blind fabrics. Some of the fabrics are German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch or Turkish. The range of fabrics includes light-penetrating, semi-penetrating, completely black-out and light-reflecting fabrics.

We are also pleased to present our customers with an ecological roller blind collection.

“Eco Essence” is a collection of roller blinds, all fabrics of which are made of 100% recycled plastic.

“Eco Essence” is the first such sustainable line of roller blinds:

  • Fabrics are made from 100% recycled plastic;
  • The metal roller blind frame and fabric can be recycled;
  • 1 sq.m. fabric is made from recyclable 11 plastic bottles;
  • Fabric production uses 50% less energy and water;
  • The impact on climate change is reduced by 30% when compared to conventional fabric production;
  • Maximum fabric width – 2.8 m, length – 25 m.
  • Fabric weight 194 g / sq.m., thinness – 0.23 mm.
  • All fabrics are certified by Oeko Tex.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

“Eco Essence” roller blind fabrics are no different in appearance from conventional roller blind fabrics – you can see it for yourself! You can see examples of these fabrics in DEXTERA showrooms.

DEXTERA solar control experts invite you to create an exclusive home space that is just right for you.