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The gazebo pergola is a high-quality system used all over the world, with impeccable appearance and comfort. Quality pergolas are characterized by durability, size, attractive design and smart solutions. The pergola are lighter in construction than traditional gazebos, and the materials must be light and treated enough to let in some sunlight but protect against dangerous UV radiation.

Each  pergola is made according to individual order with our partners “Byart”. We have chosen these partners because of their responsible quality management policy in all business processes and their exclusive focus on technological innovation, energy-saving and environmental sustainability. We are the only representative of the “Byart” Group in the Baltic States and we are really proud of this cooperation. In addition, we install engines in all gazebos pergola, which are manufactured by the world-famous French group “Somfy”, which provides a 5-year warranty.

Pergola is an exclusive solution that will allow you to enjoy the space in any season, weather or time of day. The pergola is an effective and aesthetic solution to make the most of the space in front of a restaurant, bar, private house terrace or car roof.

DEXTERA pergola are the perfect combination of comfort and luxury:

  • Automatically controlled sliding roofs and vertical glass systems.
  • The roofing material protects from the sun and UV radiation, is resistant to rain and wind.
  • Fabrics are non-flammable, waterproof, in the choice of colours are always fashionable white, sand, brown, black, silver and grey.
  • The construction of the columns is made of solid aluminium, the colours of the columns can be chosen according to the RAL palette.
  • The maximum projection of the pergola roof without intermediate support systems is 16 meters.
  • Integrated controllable LED lighting system (LED strips or LED lamps).
  • The sliding roof and glass walls are controlled automatically by remote control or smartphone.