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Roller shutters

Roller shutters - a modern, functional, practical, aesthetic and reliable exterior solution at an attractive price.
Protects the building from wind
Reduce noise
reduce the cost of cooling

One of the main advantages of roller shutters is the complete darkening of the premises from the outside and ensuring privacy. Modern and aesthetic roller shutters ensure maximum window covering and allow you to feel comfortable at home. In addition, the roller shutters help to isolate the noise from the street and allow you to enjoy the peace and quiet indoors.

Another, very important nuance is that roller shutters protect the building from wind, hot sun, rain, blizzard or other natural factors. Quality DEXTERA roller shutters in the cold season reduce the cost of heating in the cold season and reduce the cost of cooling in the hot season.

Roller shutters consist of an armour profile, a box, folding armour, a tube in a box, a guide and a control mechanism.