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Antiallergic nets

Antiallergic nets

Anti-allergic nets are an ideal solution to protect spaces from mosquitoes and other unwanted insects, dust, tree leaves, fluff and allergenic pollen. One of the most significant advantages of the anti-allergic net is that it performs the function of a filter. The dense weaved net acts as a filter and prevents dust from entering the house as well as traps other air pollutants.

The results of a product test carried out in the laboratory of a university hospital in Berlin showed that the anti-allergic net traps almost 98% of birch, 100% of grass and 93% of nettle pollen. The anti-allergic nets are certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research (ECARF).

  • The anti-allergic net roller blind is attached to the window frame in the light part of the window frame (with hooks).
  • You can choose from several mechanism colours.
  • The colour of the net sieve is dark grey.