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Pleated nets

Pleated nets

Pleated nets are an aesthetic solution for protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Fine folds of special fabric act as an extremely good filter that does not allow flying pests. Pleated nets work similarly to an accordion and are particularly easy to fold up because the mechanism has no springs and can be stopped anywhere in the window. The pleated net is suitable for covering any windows, doors, sliding window systems and especially large-sized niches. Aesthetic appearance, functionality and comfortable operation – all this is carefully combined in this product.

  • A great window curtain solution to protect oversized niches;
  • The net frame is a stable and strong aluminium construction;
  • The colour of the sieve is black, but the sieve does not reduce the illumination of the window glass and is transparent to light;
  • You can choose from several different colours of the mechanism.
  • Two pleated grids can be joined to cover larger sized niches.