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Net doors

Net doors

Mosquito net doors are an ideal solution for those who want to ventilate their homes in the warm season and enjoy the fresh air inside, but also to protect themselves from unwanted mosquitoes and insects. Net doors will allow you to enjoy wide-open patio or balcony doors, even during the dark hours of the day, when mosquitoes and other insects fly into the illuminated spaces.

The net doors are easy to operate both from the inside and the outside. The convenient closing handle not only makes it easier to open or close the door but also strengthens the construction of the net doors .

The profile of the closing handle divides the door net into two parts – the upper and lower. The efficiency of the function and the overall aesthetics of the door remain unchanged even after long years of intensive opening.

For the convenience of customers, DEXTERA offers net doors with an opening for pets. If your pet likes to go for a walk outside but you do not want to keep the terrace or balcony door open in summer, a net with an opening is a great solution. The pet will be able to move freely in and out, and your home will be fully protected from unwanted insects. DEXTERA offers its customers two sizes of pet trays 200 × 250 mm or 300 × 400 mm.

  • The net door remains tensed and maintains its shape even after extremely intense door opening;
  • It does not darken the room and is transparent to light;
  • The whole system is resistant to environmental factors;
  • Constant circulation of fresh air will help maintain a healthy indoor climate;
  • The net makes it possible to keep the room door open and not be afraid of insects entering it;
  • The structure is bolted to the frame or wall, making it extremely easy to put on and take off.