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Roller nets

Roller nets

Roller nets – a universal solution that applies not only to windows but also to balcony and terrace doors, as well as roof skylights. Roller nets protect against insect invasion by preventing even the smallest insects from entering your home with special brushes. The mechanism works on the principle of a roller blind: the grid can be rolled not only towards the top but also towards the side. Roller nets are fixed to the window frame or in a niche.

  • The construction of the net is made of aluminium, therefore the nets are corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • The lower the temperature, the more brittle the fabric. The net roller blind is rolled up in winter and protected from physical impact when it is most vulnerable.
  • The net roller blind is assembled from three separate parts – it has stable and strong aluminium construction.
  • The components of Italian manufacturer GENIUS are used for production. The profiles support a tensed net frame.
  • The roller netscan be installed on windows or doors on the outside, on frames or on the wall.
  • The profiles support a tensed net frame.
  • You can choose from several system colours.