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Industrial garage gates

Panoramic panels ensure indoor visibility and natural light and are a great fit for auto repair shops, carwashes and other commercial premises. Panoramic sections are made from extruded aluminum profiles with transparent acrylic gaskets. By using special aluminum profiles, you can improve the thermal insulation of the garage door by up to 40%, in comparison to regular panoramic garage door.
European safety standards
10 different installation types
Resistant to corrosion
Industrial garage gates

You can choose out of 9 standard colors for the panoramic garage doors or coat them in any other RAL color. You can also order a panoramic garage door with an added pedestrian door, which not only provides functionality to the garage door, but also extends its lifespan. Sectioned garage doors are easy to open and close manually, as their weight is compensated with a spring system. The minimum lifespan of the springs is 25000 cycles of raising and lowering, which adds up to approximately 17 years of operation (provided the doors are raised and lowered 4 times a day on average).

  • Pedestrian doors, windows, and ventilation grilles can be integrated into the garage door. 
  • The pedestrian door installed into the garage door can have either a standard (115 mm) or short (20 mm) threshold. 
  • Either manual (handle, cord, chain operated) or automatic control system can be used. 
  • Separate sections of the door are combined using steel hinges. 
  • Sections with excellent thermal insulation properties and an insulation system installed across the entire perimeter of the door help maintain the right temperatures inside the industrial building. 
  • Different glazing options available; focus on natural light and energy saving. 
  • Can be any RAL color. 
  • The acrylic that makes up the glass of panoramic door sections is highly resistant and remains transparent for a long time.