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Roller blinds with SCREEN fabrics are becoming popular in offices and modern homes.

They are among the easiest to maintain and one of the most durable roller blind fabrics, made from glass fibre yarns and PVC.

They block harmful UV rays while transmitting light, protecting furniture from fading, shielding computer and TV screens from the sun’s direct reflection, and helping to reduce indoor cooling costs.

SCREEN fabrics with different solar transmittances (1%, 3%, 5% and 10%) effectively reduce reflections, making them ideal for rooms or offices.

Roller blinds with SCREEN fabrics not only protect rooms from the sun’s scorching rays but also dim the sun’s blinding light. Of course, depending on the position of the window in relation to the sun, the purpose of the room and the interior design, the roller blinds in a house may have different functions.

For example, you could choose a light-blocking fabric for the bedroom, a light-reflecting fabric for the study, and a light-transmitting fabric for the living room.

SCREEN fabrics are translucent, fine mesh fabrics that do not obscure the view out of the window, but effectively protect against direct sunlight.

Whether you’re looking for a functional and easy-to-maintain window covering solution for the office, a young person’s room, or just a modern home space!

Calm and natural tones will make your space feel cosy and sophisticated.