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MotionBlinds is smart technology for window coverings applied to a complete range of battery powered and wired motors and controls for all types of window coverings in residential, commercial and hospitality.

DEXTERA offers its customers smart control systems from the Dutch manufacturer COULISSE. With more than twenty years of experience, the company is well known all over the world for its high-quality window covers and innovative solutions. COULISSE offers the motorized control system called MOTION.

Window coverings powered by MotionBlinds work in no time. There is no need for cabling when installing, the integrated battery motors are USB-C rechargeable. Simply scan the setup code and let your smartphone guide you.

Once the window covering is installed, scan the setup code with the MotionBlinds Bluetooth app. After a few simple steps, your window covering is ready to be operated via the app. By setting timers you can have your window coverings move automatically at set times, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.


Advantages of MOTION smart management system:
• Convenient operation and easy installation;
• Window covers may be adjusted by remote controls which are operated over radio frequency;
• The program can also be controlled by a smartphone via WiFi (MOTION WiFi bridge to the blinds is connected via MOTION application);
• The MOTION program is only compatible with motorized roller blinds that operate over the radio frequency;
• Compatible with other home automation systems;
• Possibility to set scenes and times for roller blind automation;
• The system makes it possible to control the climate of the home, thus saving energy and creating a cosy environment.

NEW! Take the beauty and ease of window shades to the next level with Eve MotionBlinds

Want to control your smart home with HomeKit? Then discover Eve MotionBlinds, the only window covering motors that work with Apple HomeKit technology directly from your iPhone, without a bridge, registration or any cloud dependency. Easy, reliable, future-proof and smart in a minute.



Eve Systems builds beautiful connected home products that set superior standards of comfort, safety, and control. Products that turn everyday experiences into fulfilling moments that endure. Engineered in-house to combine seamless software with elegant hardware, Eve integrates into Apple HomeKit flawlessly, intuitively, and most importantly, securely. Because privacy is paramount, and what happens at home, must stay at home.


The first motors in the market to support Thread, Eve MotionBlinds drastically simplify installation of motorized blinds: Simply scan the HomeKit setup code with your iPhone. If a Border Router is present, which for HomeKit over Thread is HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K, Eve MotionBlinds will join the Thread network automatically, adding responsiveness and reliability for a best-in-class user experience. Just like any Eve accessory, Eve MotionBlinds are designed to safeguard user privacy. Instead of relying on a cloud, data and intelligence are stored locally on the motor.

  • Rechargeable (USB-C) battery powered motor
  • Easy setup by scanning HomeKit setup code, no gateway or bridge required
  • On-device schedules put blinds on autopilot, independently of iPhone or home network
  • Supports Bluetooth and Thread
  • Interacts with other HomeKit-accessories to create a smart and safe ecosystem
  • 100% Privacy: Local intelligence and direct communication without cloud dependency
  • Manual control with just a simple pull, a valuable add-on to smart automation



Scan the HomeKit Setup Code with your iPhone to set up.


Connect your blinds to the HomeKit-ecosystem.


100% privacy, all data stays inside the home.


Eve MotionBlinds  FEATURES:

  • No proprietary bridge, no registration, no cloud dependency
  • Super easy setup simply by scanning the HomeKit setup code
  • App and voice control with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod mini
  • Effortlessly set up schedules that put the blinds on autopilot
  • Through HomeKit Scenes and Rules, the blinds seamlessly and securely interact with other HomeKit accessories

Eve MotionBlinds REQUIREMENTS:

  • An iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS/iPadOS 14
  • Controlling Eve MotionBlinds automatically and away from home requires a HomePod mini or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home hub


Want to learn more about the benefits of MotionBlinds, inspiration to style your interior with smart window decoration or tips to get the most out of your MotionBlinds? Read more..

Is your home already smart? Then you can make window coverings with MotionBlinds part of your smart home ecosystem and work together with other devices, such as lights and the thermostat. Is your home not smart yet? Then MotionBlinds is a perfect first step to a smarter home.

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